Step 6. Breaking the Myth That Partnerships are About Compromising…

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Most of us were taught from a young age that in order to be in a relationship, you need to compromise.  Often though, we tend to give up a piece of ourselves in order to make things work.

Today, in step 6, I am Breaking the Myth that Partnerships are about Compromising and  who we are.

The thing about compromise is that often one party tends to give in more than the other and sacrifices in a big way  in order to resolve the situation.  This leads to resentment, tension and further disagreements.  Strong relationships are built on the foundation that each seeks the success of the other’s highest and best self.  So how do you make a relationship work if you don’t follow the norm and compromise?


Step 6. Breaking the myth that partnerships are about compromising…

Have you ever seen yourself through the eyes of someone you’ve become?

Know that there is room in both and all members of a partnership to be all that they are – one does not take from the other, but enriches the other.

Claim twice as much of everything that is grand. 

Always look for the way in which you support and complement each other. 

Know that the more one grows and excels the more the other does as well.

Share your growth generously.

Working together and putting equal effort in, you will both make this partnership a successful and blessed one.


  • Have you given up something that matters, or given in just to keep the peace and resolve conflict?  (Be honest with yourself, dear Reader.)
  • How would you handle the same situation now, knowing what you now know?
  • Think of one way in which you could work for the highest and best good of your partner and they could do the same for you. Feel free to share here.



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