Meditation is a practice that involves going within to hear the voice that comes to guide, teach and comfort. 

It was once said that meditation is when we listen to the voice of the Divine and that prayer is when we speak to the heart of the Divine.  It can help us heal and deepen our awareness. 

Meditation is a practice.  It can be ongoing or we can use it when we need to.  Meditation can assist us in quieting the inner chatter long enough to hear our deepest truth.

From Santa -The Gift of Healing

Will you accept it? 

I offer it to you because I know you deserve it. 
I know that you can return to your essence where you are peaceful and content. 

Join the many in this moment, who are choosing to experience “safety, peacefulness and contentment” right here and now…

Santa Molina-Marshall – Healer, Spiritual Teacher 

A Guided Meditation

This meditation is my offering to you.
May it re-connect you with your essence, provide you with a moment of peace and inspire you to look towards the wonders in life.  One moment at a time. 
Enjoy!  Santa Molina-Marshall

Transcript of Santa's Meditation

Santa’s Meditation Transcript (pdf)


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