Step 14. Accepting that we are co-creators

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Dear Reader, it is easy to get caught up in everything that is happening around us –  so much so that it feels as if life is happening to us and we are powerless, being swept along by the current. 

With every experience, interaction and even every moment of our lives, we have the choice of how we interact, react and behave in any given situation.

Change is a constant in all our lives; nothing is static.  But choice is our power; we decide within how we will feel, how we will react, think or act at any given time.  Being powerless in our own lives, drifting along, is only an illusion. 

Though choice may not feel like a power, once you acknowledge and accept that you own your life, and your choice dictates each moment, you will have discovered a limitless power within to take control of your own life and create your future.

In this last step we look at our own inner power.


Step 14. Accepting that we are co-creators:


As co-creators we are always creating our reality. Notice how you interact with  power, defeat, joy and sadness. 

We get to decide how we interact with happiness, success, wealth, pity and abundance too.

Understand and acknowledge the charge and benefit of being co-creator, with god-dess, with each other, with our fears, anger, resentment, illness and dis-ease, happiness, joy, success, wealth and abundance. 

Practice awareness.


  • What situation in your life do you wish to change right now, and what choice can you make in order to take that first step?
  • How have you felt powerless in your life? By accepting that you are co-creator, how can you take back your power and better your life?




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