Step 11. Honoring each other’s authenticity

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Dear Reader, coming from love in all we do is not the easiest thing.  To remember,  in the moment of interaction, to stay in loving kindness, is something we all need to focus on and work on constantly.

Too often we “feed the beast” in our interaction, responding to our partner as if they are the behavior, attitude or action they are exhibiting in that moment.  Then we respond accordingly, making the situation worse.

To let go, step back, and focus on coming from love takes both practice and awareness of living from love, honoring our light and mindfulness.

Step 11. Honoring each other’s authenticity:

We are not our behaviors and attitudes; we are not even our actions.


Recognize each other and remember each other, even when the authentic self is not showing up, or when you  would rather not see it, for seeing it is letting go of the drama.

So, when your partner’s non-authentic self is presenting itself, stay in loving kindness. 

Agree to disagree and postpone the discussion.

Stay in loving kindness always.

  • How can you remind yourself to stay in loving kindness in the moment of conflict?
  • What can you do right now to honor your own authenticity – to live in and always come from love, light and consciousness?

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