Traumatic experiences in our life’s can often leave us feeling overwhelmed and disoriented. Whether the event happened years ago or just the other day, our body, mind and spirit can still remember and at times be triggered. At times we experience hopelessness and helplessness. We feel lonely and disconnected from others, it seems like everyone and everything has moved on, and we are still hoping and waiting for the shocking experience, the startle response, to pass. Engaging in everyday events is challenging, and so we isolate, exacerbating the loneliness and increasing the symptoms of trauma; loneliness, anxieties, depression, fears, and phobias.

Somatic Experiencing Psychotherapy Groups for survivors of trauma, offer individuals the opportunity to come together, under the guidance and facilitation of an experienced Trauma Therapist, to learn how to identify the neuro-biological impact of their traumatic experiences and how to address its many common symptoms. In a safe and supportive environment participants get to identify their common habitual threat responses, accessible resources and how best to regulate their own nervous system.

Overwhelming challenging events have a way of impacting our nervous system and locking us into habitual patterns, preventing us from being happy, joyous and free. However, we need not despair. There is help and support out here. You are not alone, many are finding relief by being in a caring, supportive, self reflective environment with others that understand and can identify with them.

You owe it to yourself to identify a Somatic Experiencing Psychotherapy group for trauma survivors. Groups can be engaged in as a supplement to individual psychotherapy, or as a primary therapeutic intervention.


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