Meeting weekly on Thursday nights from 7:30pm to 9:00pm

A process oriented – “Somatic Experiencing” Psychotherapy Group for survivors of trauma.  If you are experiencing Panic, Fear, Flash-Backs, Anxiety, and Depression or if you are tired of feeling off and out of control, your traumatic experiences may be adversely affecting experiences with family, marriage, friendships, co-workers and with self, this group is for you.


In a safe environment, a small group of individuals gather to discuss how their trauma experience affects their present life. Through mindfulness/body awareness, members learn how to identify the neuro-biological impact of trauma and how to address many of the common symptoms; stress, anxiety, panic and fear. Managing the symptoms of trauma is possible. You no longer have to suffer by yourself. This group will focus on specific tools to free you from the patterns developed by the traumatic experiences.

The group is an ongoing group.  A six month commitment is required for each member.  Members are required to schedule quarterly individual sessions with this therapist.  Intimacy develops among members followed by greater vulnerability as members begin to feel known. Long term group experiences allow for growth; opportunities to try new behaviors and change old ones.

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