Running Through Darkness:  The Memoir of a Spiritual Warrior is the life story and testimony of spiritual teacher, healer, author and renown therapist, Santa Molina Marshall.  From the rich, beautiful culture of her Caribbean ancestors, to the pain and trauma she experienced in parts of her childhood, Running Through Darkness, is a testimony of faith, endurance and bravery.  Running Through Darkness is the story of a young girl navigating the rocky terrain of family violence and sexual abuse.  It is also the victorious story of a woman who survived and turned her challenges into a healing movement.  

“I wrote Running Through Darkness because I want people who’ve gone through similar experiences to know that you can get well no matter what you’ve gone through.  Hold on and never give up.  Continue believing and hoping.  There are many different ways of achieving wellness, reclaiming wholeness and embarking on your healing journey. You owe it to yourself to explore and identify what works for you.  I’m a living witness of the possibilities of healing.  This book tells the story of my self-renewal and reclaiming what has always been mine, wholeness.   Going from trauma to triumph wasn’t easy but it helps to remember that healing is a journey.” Says Santa Molina Marshall.

Running Through Darkness not only supports survivors of family violence and sexual abuse, it offers wisdom and understanding to family, friends, spouses and partners of the survivor.  Check here for information on the book tour, public speaking and TV appearances related to Running Through Darkness.  Also learn more about how you can support Santa’s healing movement!