“Running Through darkness:  The Memoir of a spiritual warrior” 

by Santa Molina-Marshall 



“Running Through darkness:  The Memoir of a spiritual warrior”  reflects my life experiences, my healing journey and the discoveries I made along the way.  I’ll share with you the things that were helpful to me in hopes that you be inspired and can be inspiring to others. 

In reading this book, I want you to know that you can be well, no matter what you have experienced. I want to help you hold on and never give up, to continue believing and hoping, and know that there are many different ways of achieving wellness, reclaiming wholeness and embarking on your healing journey.

With so many ways to healing opportunities, you owe it to yourself to explore and identify what works for you or what combination of healing tools will work for you. Always remembering that healing is a journey

In my memoir I share about the healing modalities/tools I have explored  and offer in my practice, the importance they’ve had in my journey, and how I was introduced to them.  These include yoga, massage therapy,  meditation, the use of herbs and crystals, energy work, aromatherapy, spirituality, traditional talk therapy, somatic experiencing, movement, and music, to name a few, the healing possibilities are endless.

It is important for people; survivors of trauma, their family members and friends, and those they seek for help and support; to know that there are many tools and modalities, some or all of which can be used and introduced to those seeking hope and healing.   

I know this because of my own personal journey.  I am a living witness of the possibilities of healing; renewing and reclaiming what has always been mine, going from “trauma to triumph”.

Know that this is also possible for you.